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Vertical Horizon-

Dave Matthews Band-




Hit Counter

I made them all! and my name is  on them!


regular logo:

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logo with individual photos inside:

edphoto.jpg (28346 bytes) keithphoto.jpg (31640 bytes) MATTblack.jpg (26815 bytes) sean.jpg (29102 bytes)

my new design for the logo:  i got carried away with it... i made a lot of them lol

my favorite one! lol gray1.jpg (24450 bytes)

grayplastic.jpg (39260 bytes)  vh7.jpg (31999 bytes)  vh6.jpg (34758 bytes)  blueorange.jpg (45710 bytes) yelreddiff.jpg (28709 bytes) vh2.jpg (26979 bytes) vh3.jpg (42743 bytes) papercopyvh.jpg (36444 bytes) plastic.jpg (40224 bytes)

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