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Vertical Horizon-

Dave Matthews Band-




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This is my song list ... if you want any of these songs send me an instand message, e-mail me, or if you have KaZaA tell me.

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Song Name Version Song Length
All Along The Watchtower live 9:00
Answer Me album 5:28
Best I Ever Had album 4:30
Can't All Be Wrong unreleased track 4:08
Children's Lullaby album 5:15
Everything You Want   (live-acoustic) 4:09
Everything You Want  album 4:17
Fast Car/Wash live 9:35
Finding Me  album  
Give You Back album  4:22
Goodnight My Friend  album 3:22
Great Divide live stages 4:25
Heart In Hand live stages 7:12
Its Only Me live stages 5:00
Lines Upon Your Face album 5:28
On The Sea live stages 6:23
On The Sea album 4:47
Send It Up acoustic 3:48
Send It Up album 3:42
Shackled album 5:19
Shackled live-acoustic 8:33
The Man Who Would Be Santa album 4:39
The Mountain Song albumn 2:49
The Ride live stages 3:31
Trying To Find Purpose album 3:11
Wash Away album 4:30
Wash Away live-acoustic 4:40
Wash Away live stages 12:23
Wasted unreleased track 4:16
We Are album 4:01
We Are live-acoustic 4:26
You're A God live-acoustic 4:06
You're A God album 4:06



  1. Everything You Want 4:07
  2. You're A God 3:39



Song Name Version Song Length
#41 album 6:40
Crash  album 5:16
Crush  album 8:07
Dancing Nancies album 6:05
Don't Drink The Water album 7:01
I Did It  album 3:34
If I Had It All   album 4:03
JTR album 5:36
Let You Down album 4:07
Lie In Our Graves album 5:42
Spoon album 7:33
Stay album 5:35
The Best Of Whats Around album 4:17
The Dreaming Tree album 8:48
The Space Between album 4:03
Too Much  album 4:20
Two Step album 6:27
Warehouse album 7:06
What You Are album 4:33


  1. Ants Marching 4:21
  2. Crush 4:26
  3. I Did It 3:39
  4. The Space Between 3:59
  5. What Would You Say 3:58