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Vertical Horizon-

Dave Matthews Band-




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Lyric for Finding Me

I don't think you notice
when you see my face
i guess you're waiting
to spin me around again

Wheels i guess are turning
somewhere inside my head
I know that this is 
deeper then you get

But you're coming back again
you don't mean to waste my time
but you're coming back so

Don't tell me
how to be
'cause i like some suffering
don't ask me
what i need
i'm just fine
here finding me

I've always given 
up on getting through
i never question
who i'm talking to

Oh so much for nothing
but nothing means so much
i know its touching
but i've been out of touch

And its all that i can do
i'm a sight for my sore eyes
but its all i am so


I dont think you notice
when i can't reach out
i guess you're waiting
on somebody else again

Oh so much for talking
its all been said before
i'm hearing something
but i wish you'd just say more

But you're going off again
when i try to just hold on
but you're going off so